Price / PRICE

  1. Monthly: 5 days per week: ¥19,000
  2. Monthly: 3 days per week: ¥15,000
  3. 10 Tickets*: ¥21,000
  4. 4 Tickets*: ¥10,000
  5. Drop-in: ¥3,000

All coupon tickets are valid for 6 months.

Place mat: ¥1,100 per month
Rental mat: ¥300 per use (black mat)
*Thin mats can be payment for free.

In principle, payment should be made online.
Click here for online payment.

If you are a student or have financial reasons that prevent you from paying or the price is too high, please contact us.
We will discuss it with you and waive or discount the lesson fee.
We do not want anyone to give up yoga for financial reasons.
We want to open our doors to everyone who wants to learn yoga.

If you wish to pay in cash, please have the exact change ready on the day of the event.
If you would like a receipt, please let us know in advance.


  • Monday - Thursday
    Time: 7:00 AM (instruction start at 7:15~) - 9:50 AM

This is a self-paced style class.

Please come at any time during the opening hours.
Please complete your practice by 9:40 AM.
If you are new to Ashtanga Yoga, please come by 8:30 AM at the latest.

Every Friday is Led Class

AM 7:30~9:00
Doors open at 7:15 AM.
If the schedule changes due to moon days, etc., we will notify you each time.
The schedule will remain the same on national holidays.
For the year-end and New Year's holidays will be announced separately.



Mysore class

This is a practice that is still practiced in Mysore, the city in South India where Ashtanga Yoga was born.
All students do not move to the instructor’s count but rather practice independently at their own pace (self-practice).
Practitioners come to the studio when it is open, practice up to the asanas instructed by the instructor, and leave when they are finished.
The instructor adjusts the asanas and gives advice and assistance as needed according to each practitioner's physical condition.
The next asana will be given at a time deemed appropriate. It is forbidden for practicioners to proceed to the next asana on their own initiative.Practicing at one's own pace is a safe way for both beginners and experienced practitioners to take on new challenges.

Full primary led

Full primary led

This is a method in which the primary series is practiced by all participants to the instructor's count.
The word "led" is derived from the English word "lead" (to lead or guide).
This is an essential class for Ashtanga Yoga, as it offers a different awareness from self-practice.
Mysore Roppongi will hold a Led class on the every FridayDoors open at 7:15, and class starts at 7:30.
If Friday is a Moon Day, the class will be held on the previous Thursday.

If you are a first time student...

Begin with breathing exercises and Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation).
Surya Namaskar is a basic movement that warms the body and relaxes the muscles and joints, and has a set a cool-down asana at the end called Finishing.At first, the practice may seem short, but it is an important stage to make the practice a habit and the start of building a strong body and mind.
Keep practicing with the basics in mind.

Practice and Holidays

Sunday through Thursday are full practice days (up to the last asana as indicated), and Friday is primary series practice for those who have practiced the second series or later. If Friday is a Moon Day, the primary series will be practiced on Thursday, the day before. The studio will be closed on Sunday, but students are encouraged to practice at home if possible.We will not practice on Saturday. Rest your body and mind well and prepare for the next week. Traditionally, we also close practice on new moon and full moon days (moon days).

Women who menstruating should take the first three days off and practice according to their physical condition thereafter.

If you have any other injuries or physical concerns, please notify the instructor before starting practice.

For a Comfortable Practice

What to prepare

  • Comfortable clothing (first-time students do not need to wear yoga wear)
  • Yoga mat or rug (lay it on the mat to prevent it from slipping due to sweat)
  • Towel or hand towel for wiping sweat off (the instructor may use this for assistance)

※There are no shower facilities in the studio.
※Yoga mats can be rented or personal mat can be left at the studio(¥1,100 permonth)
※Avoid using clothes and towels washed with highly scented detergents or fabric softeners, as they may cause allergies in others.
※We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Do not bring in items that are not needed for practice.

Before Practice

  • Bathe before practice to keep your body clean.
  • Do not eat for 3 hours before practice. (Water is acceptable).
  • Avoid the use of perfume, deodorant, and oil.

During practice

  • Traditionally, do not take water during the course of the practice unless you are feeling unwell. Any water or other liquids you bring should be placed in the same area as your luggage.
  • Keep the area around the mat free of objects that could cause injury, such as eyeglasses, hairpins, and jewelry.
  • For inversion-based asanas, avoid being near mirrors or walls, and make sure you have enough space for your practice.

When you are done practicing

  • Wipe the mat with a sterile tissue and allow it to dry thoroughly before rolling it up.
  • Take your mat home and wash it regularly to prevent odors from developing.

We appreciate your cooperation in creating a safe and secure place for everyone to practice comfortably.


Roppongi Rental Studio Fortuna

7-12-23 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 
Roppongi Fortuna Building 3A
TEL 090-5992-5254 Kaya

Near Station
・Toei Subway Toei Oedo Line Roppongi Station, Exit 7
(2 minutes walk)

・Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Roppongi station, Exit 4B
(3 minutes walk )

・Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
Nogizaka station Exit 3 (5 minutes walk)

Bicycles cannot be parked at the entrance. Please use a public bicycle parking lot in the neighborhood.